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    8th Grade Spring Orchestra Trip

    We are excited to announce that 8th grade students in orchestra will be traveling to Busch Gardens on May 11th to compete in their yearly competition. Please check your e-mail for up to date information. A letter will be sent home with students the week of May 6th.

    Spring Pops Concert

    Come out to Davis Drive on May 16th at 7 pm to hear our final concert! We will be playing music from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more!

    Join Now!

    We are always looking for new students who are interested in learning how to play a string instrument... Already play a string instrument? We have a class for you too! Join an elective you will learn to love for a lifetime! Contact Ms. Phaneuf to change your schedule for next year.

    Advanced Orchestra Auditions

    Auditions for Advanced 7th and 8th grade orchestra will be held during SMART block on the week of May 20th. Students need to prepare a solo piece they are currently working on, 2 octave scales and arpeggios for D, G, and C Major. Scale sheets can be found under "Junior Eastern Regional Orchestra Info". Students will also play a sight-reading excerpt. For any additional questions please contact Ms. Phaneuf.

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    We've got a top notch orchestra!

    Emily Phaneuf

    Director, DDMS Orchestra

    I began playing the violin at age 4 in Greenville, NC. I took private violin lessons with Joanne Bath, in relationship with East Carolina University and went on to major in violin at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. I currently play with the Raleigh Symphony and this is my ninth year playing with them. I also play with other ensembles during the year. I previously taught in Pitt County where I helped to rebuild the strings program in every elementary school in Pitt County. Ms. Phaneuf LOVES orchestra and teaching others to love the gift of music. When she is not teaching, Ms. Phaneuf enjoys spending time with her husband and getting her hands dirty in the kitchen!

    Davis Drive MS Orchestra

    This isn't just music...

    Welcome to one of the most dynamic orchestra programs in the Wake County Public School System! The orchestra will play a concert each semester as well as perform at various festivals throughout the year. Additionally, experienced students will have an opportunity to audition for a quartet, which may include offsite field trips to art museums and other venues.

  • Junior Eastern Regional Orchestra Information

    We always strive for the best.

    Eastern North Carolina Junior All-State

    JERO participation is available for anyone who would like to audition. It is highly recommended that most Advanced Orchestra members audition, but it is NOT a requirement. Beginners are not encouraged to audition. Ms. Phaneuf will counsel students on their decision and help them as much as possible. Auditions are generally held in early March and the clinic is held in May. Please let Ms. Phaneuf know if you are interested in participating by January 23rd , so that she can submit your name to the audition chair. It is encouraged that you work on your solo with your private teacher, but Ms. Phaneuf will be available before and after school for extra help.


    Auditions will be held on March 2nd at John Griffin Middle School in Fayetteville and will begin at 11:20. There is a $5 audition fee and can be paid online through February 15st.




    •  Sonatina, by Breval (ask Ms. Phaneuf for a copy)

    Students must learn the entire solo.



    Violin, Viola, Cello: C, G, D major 2 octaves, F major 1 octave, one melodic minor 1 octave of the student's choice/all scales must be slurred 4 notes to a bow with arpeggios 3 notes to a bow


    Bass: C, D, F major 1 octave, G major 2 octaves, one melodic minor 1 octave of the student's choice/all scales must be slurred 2 notes per bow, arpeggios separate bows


    **Perform scales as sixteenth notes at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 50. Perform arpeggios the same number of octaves as the corresponding scales, eighth note triplets at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 50.




    During the audition, students will be required to perform a short, 8-measure piece. To prepare for this, students are encouraged to be comfortable with reading notes and rhythms in various keys.

  • Quartet

    DDMS Orchestra Quartet

  • Concert Attire

    Each orchestra student is expected to have an orchestra uniform for performances this school year. Ms. Phaneuf will not be collecting money for this uniform, you are expected to either call the company or go online to order this uniform.


    ***Please order your uniform by September 18th so that you receive it and have an opportunity to make any necessary alterations before our concerts.***



    Call Formal Fashion's Hotline at 1-800-528-7909, give the operator the account number: 145268. They will help you with sizing and ordering.




    Click on either the girls gown or boys tuxedo photo below to go to this uniform at Formal Fashions Inc website. If you choose this option PLEASE make sure that you picked the correct uniform. Call Formal Fashions for assistance if you are unsure.



    *Both uniforms come in adult and child sizes.

    Girls Gown

    V-neck, 3/4 sleeve, black, floor-length gown, performance knit fabric.

    Boys Tuxedo

    tuxedo pants, black vest, black bowtie, white tuxedo shirt (no jacket).

  • Contact Us!

    Please contact the DDMS Orchestra with any questions or comments.

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  • Private Lessons

    A good private teacher is one of the most valuable investments a parent can make for their child's music education.


    Below is a link to a list of local area music teachers who offer private lessons.

    List of instructors organized by instrument.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When do I need to order my uniform by?

    Please order your uniform by September 18th so that you receive it and have an opportunity to make any necessary alterations before our concerts.

    How many minutes per day is my child expected to practice?

    Students are required to practice 100 minutes each week. If students are taking private lessons they may count up to 30 minutes each week of private lesson practice. Students may attend SMART Block during school for additional practice time. Remember quality is better than quantity!

    When should my child start bringing their instrument to school?

    Students will need to start bringing their own instrument to school by Thursday, September 1st. If you are in the process of receiving an instrument please let me know.

    Where do I purchase an instrument?

    Please send me a e-mail if you are considering purchasing an instrument for your child. I strongly recommend parents begin by renting and instrument before purchasing. Both Triangle Strings and Music and Arts are places I send parents to rent instruments. Both organizations have excellent rental programs for students.